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[Haiqi Group] Haiqi Group concentrated on rectifying the appearance of the car


Dress up the "window" Welcome to the Boao Forum Annual Meeting

This web news (Reporter Wheat) At 8 o'clock on the evening of April 1st, the Qionghai Temporary Station car wash station was brightly lit. The company's driver, flight attendants and station staff were flushing the Haiqi Express train, which was on the floor of the train. Seats, pillowcases, curtains, garbage bags, etc. are cleaned and the seat belts are placed neatly according to the standard.

Qi Hai, the driver of Qionghai Branch, told the reporter that car washing is a “compulsory course” for the driver. The first thing the driver has to do after receiving the class every day is to clean the bus and arrange the seat cover and curtains. , seat belts, and then park the bus in the designated area.

Master Wu pointed to the driving of the Qiong C14448. He said that the bus has been used for nearly 8 years. Although the appearance is a bit old, the compartment is neat and clean. The overall condition is better than that of the vehicle that has been used for 4 years. Master Wu said that the annual meeting of Boao Forum will be held in Qionghai Boao. As the host, we should further enhance the appearance of the operating vehicles and show the image of Hainan and Haiqi to Chinese and foreign guests.

It is understood that, in order to further improve the quality of services to meet the 30th anniversary of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference and Hainanjianxing celebrations, sea Automobile Group 603 069, requires full consultation shares Division units for all commercial vehicles and passenger car capacity car field in appearance " Wash your face, "sand bath", deep clean, clean the station and vehicle betel nut stains, oil stains, etc. In order to ensure the appearance of the car and the appearance of the station, the Haiqi Group sent inspectors to the stations of the province from time to time to check and check the appearance of the vehicles and the health of the passenger station. If the service quality standard is not met, a rectification notice will be issued on the spot, requiring immediate rectification.

In this massive car refinement operation, the leaders of the Haiqi Group took the lead and acted throughout the company. Haiqi Tourism Passenger Transport Branch carefully cleans and cleans more than 500 tourist vehicles, and does a good job of sterilization and deodorization. At the same time, it provides safety and hospitality knowledge training for drivers and improves service support capabilities. Haikou Haiqi Transportation Co., Ltd. organized the station staff and the cleaning workers to “wash the face and wipe the shower” for Haikou East Railway Station, West Railway Station and the bus terminal, and dress up the “window” to enhance the image of Haiqi.

In order to normalize the car's appearance, Haiqi invested more than 300,000 yuan to build a fully automatic car wash equipment for the bus at Haikou West Bus Station. The system was put into use on April 2 to provide technical support for the operation of the vehicle "beauty". . In the next step, the group will also build a large-scale automatic car wash system at Haikou Bus Terminal to realize intelligent and automatic cleaning of operating vehicles.

Jiang Hongtao, chairman of Haiqi Group, said that the service work is no small matter. All units of the Haiqi system should put the service quality improvement work at the top of the production and operation, from the improvement of vehicle hardware and software facilities, from the details to the small things. Doing the actual work, cleaning the door, renovating the appearance of the car, dressing up the "window", creating a clean and tidy atmosphere for the Boao Forum annual meeting, showing the good image of Hainan state-owned enterprises.

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